Publication of Output 4 – Digital Skills E-Assessment and Open Digital Badges for Adult Education

Summary 04.1

This report shows the work done for the O4.1 Digital Skills E-Assessment Tool. It covers work from May 2019 to  August 2021 on e-validation of digital skills for the DigiCulture MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).  During this period, the DigiCulture project has designed the e-assessment tool, performed user testing with cultural stakeholders and produced content for the e-assessment tool. The e-assessment tool was then developed and integrated into the DigiCulture VLH platform.

The e-assessment tool aimed to work as an assessment method, which could automate assessment of whether learners had achieved new competencies and knowledge, to the extent possible within an automated paradigm. It was developed as a Quiz module in Moodle and guidelines were created to make sure questions from all partners adhered to the type of exam needed. Upon completion of the exam the e-assessment tool provided a certificate if users passed. The certificates were translated into all 7 languages for all 13 courses.

Atsisiųskite visą dokumentą O4.1 DigiCuture_O4.1-Digital-Skills-E-Assessment-Tool
Download the full document O4.1 Attachement O4.1-Attachment-E-Validation-Tool-and-Badges-UX-Journey-Maps-in-Moodle

Summary 04.2

This report shows the work done for the O4.2 Design and integration of Open Badges. It covers the work performed from October 2019 to August 2021 on badges for the DigiCulture MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).  In the initial phase, the DigiCulture project defined how badges should be issued, what badges should represent and how the badges should relate to digital skill. A set of initial design proposals have been developed using Badge Design Canvas and Visual Design templates. In the later stage, the team shifts into development mode for implementation and integration of Open Badges into the DigiCulture MOOC. The final badges are presented in this document together with their badge descriptions, which were adapted for all courses. 

The document aims to 1) document the process for designing badges, 2) show the implementation process for developing the 15 badges and 3) elaborate on how user testing was done as part of the design process. It is divided into three sections: 1) a background that elaborates the rationale behind the badge, 2) methodology section which describes the badge design process and 3) results which illustrates how the badges were visualized and how they looked like after implementation in the DigiCulture MOOC.

Download the full document O4.2 DigiCulture_O4.2-Design-and-integration-of-Open-Badges

Summary 04.3

This report shows the work for the O4.3  Assessment of the pilot group. It covers the work performed from October 2019 to August 2021 on assessment for the DigiCulture MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).  During this period, the DigiCulture project partners developed DSC MOOCs, held multiplier events with stakeholders disseminated the courses whilst piloting the courses. Numerous users have enrolled into the DigiCulture courses, participated in course activities and taken an automatically assessed examination to acquire badges and certificates.

The document presents an overview of the number of enrolments (over 2300), completion certifications (over 1200) and various demographic data, along with the interpretations of these numbers and related discussions.

The document is divided into three sections. First, the rationale is described, second the results of the assessment of the pilot group are shown, and finally the results are discussed and concluded.

Download the full document O4.3 O4.3-Assessment-of-pilot-group-FINAL.docx

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