The Objectives of DigitalCulture:

  • To enhance awareness of the need for training in digital skills for the culture and heritage sector
  • To design and validate cross-country Guidelines for Digital Competences for Culture
  • Sukurti integruotą virtualiąją mokymosi aplinką: internetinę ir mobilią
  • To design, develop and deliver a Digital Skills for Culture, online MOOC and OER translated into all partners’ languages and delivered as a mix of blended learning course and as a fully online MOOC type course for the target group
  • To improve the achievement and recognition of digital skills through formal and informal learning by introducing Digital Skills e-assessment and Open Badges for adult education in culture
  • To provide engaging and effective learning experiences in the Digital Skills for Culture course
  • Didinti švietimo paslaugų teikėjų, universitetų, kultūros ir paveldo institucijų ir asociacijų, kultūros veikėjų, darbuotojų ir savanorių bendradarbiavimą
  • To provide evidence about how achievement, assessment and validation of digital skills contributes to the uptake of new skills in the culture and heritage sector

There are 6 Intellectual Outputs divided into 21 milestones and results: