Publication of Output 6 -Evaluation of the effectiveness of Digital Skills for Culture Course, Quality Assurance

Summary 06.1

This document describes the overall quality assurance framework used during the lifetime of the project. It outlines the general principles of quality control employed, the elements of the project which required monitoring and the processes by which this was achieved. Quality assurance was achieved through mutually agreed peer review systems of project outputs at all stages, of the ongoing management of the project and of specific project meetings. These included both face to face meetings, which were fewer than anticipated and online meetings, which assumed greater importance in the later stages of the project.

Download the full document O6.1 DigiCulture_6_1_-QualityAssuranceFramework_v1_0_FINAL.docx

Summary 06.2

This document outlines the agreed evaluation framework for the project, including a summary of the quality assurance framework (QAF) and the final evaluation of all project activities and outputs. The evaluation framework was agreed by partners early in the project and contains a mix of quantitative and qualitative instruments. Although the Digital Skills for Culture course was the most important output to be evaluated, all other outputs and processes were also subject to appropriate levels of evaluation. The financial and management aspects of the project were also evaluated.

Download the full document O6.2 DigiCulture_O6.2-Evaluation-Framework

Summary 06.3

This document is the final evaluation report for the project. It includes summaries of all evaluation activities conducted for the evaluation of DigiCulture DSC MOOCs. As the most important project output, the Digital Skills for Culture (DSC) was subject to an extensive programme of evaluation involving several hundred participants.

Download the full document O6.3 DigiCulture_O6_3_Effectiveness-of-the-Digital-Skills-for-Culture-Course

Summary 06.4

This document describes the strategy that will support the sustainability of the outcomes of the DigiCulture project after its lifetime.

It includes information on the project outcomes as well as recommendations and guidelines for using the developed project products.

Download the full document O6.4 O6_4_Sustainability_Plan_FINAL.docx

Summary 06.4.2

From the start, the DigiCulture project made use of the widest possible range of dissemination opportunities. The project website featured all events and publications as news items. The project used all available social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to disseminate events and activities, and produced physical artefacts – leaflets, bookmarks, roll up displays and other print materials to publicise the project. This document lists all events organised through the project, published articles relating to the project and artefacts produced by the project.

Download the full document O6.4.2 DigiCulture_O6_4_2_Dissemination_Report

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