DigiCulture-projekt på den internationale konference ALTA'20 “Advanced Learning Technologies and Applications. Korte læringsprogrammer ”- Litauen

On December 2nd  during the International conference ALTA’20 “Advanced Learning Technologies and Applications. Short Learning Programmes” the National Association of Distance Education (NADE) presented about the project Digital Culture to European educational actors, from policy makers to practitioners and researchers as well as distance learning experts from the Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, Finland and Belgium.


About 90 people joined the 1st presentation, which took place during the Posters session. The presentation briefed about the project concept, idea and the target group.

About 30 people joined the 2nd presentation, which occurred during the second session. Throughout the session Greta Volodzkaite unveiled the presentation “Reimaging the Creative Industries”, which delivered the project’s Digiculture Iterative design process. The presentation informed about the case studies importance, creation of activities, how to make simple but engaging courses, as well as the important points when creating courses: understanding the existing ecosystem, building for sustainability, reusing and improving, being collaborative; designing for scale; being data driven. Lastly, the presentation addressed the usage of Digital Culture Open Badges which are granted for course completion.

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