Triade Foundation

The aim of the Interart Foundation TRIADE is a cultural-artistic and educational one, in order to promote, knowledge and study the cultural values ​​manifested in the field of arts, the mediation between different forms of artistic expression and the improvement of the inter-communicative climate. It is an umbrella institution that covers a very broad field of cultural and artistic values.


The Triade Interart Foundation has been present on the cultural scene of Timișoara since the year 2000. It was founded by the sculptor Peter Jecza, an important sculptor for the recent art history in Romania. Inheriting the sculptor’s legacy, the foundation manages a patrimony of over 1000 of sculptures, promoted through exhibitions, albums, catalogues, documentation and research. Since 2017, the collection has received museum status (Peter Jecza Museum).


Objectives: knowing, studying, promoting cultural values, mediating art, through the promotion of artistic education, developing an audience and improving the social intercommunication climate.


Relevant experience: The public Triade Sculpture Park, recovery of the 1960-1989 cultural values through a publishing and exhibition program (over 200 art books and over 200 exhibitions). Developing a promotion program for emerging art. Active role in the presentation of Romanian art abroad. Co-organizer of the Art Encounters Biennial. The foundation has a division, sc Jecza srl, which deals with the production of art.


The ongoing art residency program encourages research and curatorial projects.


Starting in 2011, the Foundation has opened the Jecza Contemporary Art Gallery, which promotes art through participation in international fairs and events (Vienna Contemporary, Art Brussel, Basel (??), New York, Koln Art Fair, Paris Photo).


Triade Publishing House has edited and printed over 200 art titles (including the collection of “Cultural Management”).


The Source Workshop, created in 2013, produces and distributes art in limited edition graphics.


The last extension of our concerns is represented by ePretext, a platform for curated design exhibitions that gathers designers, architects and artists.


Grants: National Administration of the Cultural Found, Romanian Cultural Institute, Ministry of Culture, Timișoara City Hall etc. Partnerships: Art Museums of Timișoara, Craiova, Cluj / Romania, Rueil Malmaison / France, Budapest/Hungary, Vienna/Austria, Venice /Italy, Berlin /Germany, New York /USA etc.