National Association of Distance Education

National Association of Distance Education (NADE) was established in July 1998. It was established with a purpose to promote the creation of the Information Society of Lithuania by developing distance education (DE) and improving its quality. The major purpose of NADE is to provide equal learning opportunities to all Lithuanian citizens, despite their place of living. There are a lot of opportunities for activity in Lithuania, and they are still growing, but it is possible to use them only with the help of common efforts of universities and certain governmental institutions, but here we need our active communication and participation in creative process of DE. The main activities: 1) to collect and disseminate information about distance education events, projects, methods and etc. 2) to organize distance education courses, carry out researches in regional support centres and other institutions. 3) to take care of the improvement of distance education and to organize seminars for distance education tutors and organizers.4) to take part in the development and management of the videoconferencing network. 5) to explore regional supply and demand for studies and courses in the fields of pre-qualification, vocational education, post-secondary and higher education.