Workshop Digitale færdigheder og kompetencer - Digital kultur, Europeana og Timișoara 2021 - 4. udgave

The Politehnica University of Timisoara, through the Distance Education Centre, together with the Multimedia Centre have the pleasure to invite you

on 13th December 2019, between 11:00-16:30, in the Multipurpose room within the UPT Conference Centre, Vasile Pârvan, Blvd 2B, Timișoara.


Digital Skills and Competences

Digital Culture, Europeana and Timișoara 2021

Hvad repræsenterer kreative industrier, og hvad er deres indvirkning på den globale økonomi? Hvad er digitale færdigheder, og hvordan valideres de inden for de kreative industrier? Hvordan kan vi få adgang til, bruge og integrere forskellige online værktøjer og mobile applikationer?

Within this workshop will be presented practical examples of use and integration of digital elements, virtual and augmented reality applications (AR & VR) in education, culture and in promoting cultural heritage and in creative industries. The focus will be on Europeana collections, applications for storing cultural objects, how Timisoara2021 will be present in Europeana, but also how collections can be used in education. Ways to promote attractive museums, science and arts among young people, with the help of robotics, AR and VR applications will be presented with examples from Europe and Timisoara.

The digital strategy of Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture and opportunities for collaboration with Irish artists will also be presented during this workshop.
The presentation of the project Spotlight Heritage Timișoara using concepts such as digital heritage, integrated in web and mobile applications and cultural involvement of communities will be another point of interest.
Timisoara2021 Digital Cultural Data Platform, a digital identity visual cultural program dedicated to the European Capital of Culture, the preservation of individual and collective memory, indexing, archiving and cultural connection with Europeana will be launched on this occasion.

With international speakers from the USA, Europe and Romania, the workshop is addressed to all actors in the creative, cultural, artists, students, university professors, as well as tourism sectors.

The workshop is organized in partnership with EDEN (European Distance and E-learning Network), IEEE Romania and is dedicated to the Timisoara2021 program.

The presentations of this workshop are part of the Erasmus + DigiCulture strategy project – “Improving Digital Skills and Improving the Social Inclusion of Adults in Creative Industries”, to build a free online course.

The workshop will be broadcasted live on the Facebook page and will be available on UniCampus.
The admission is free and the presentations will take place in in Romanian and English and a certificate of participation will be issued.

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