On 25th May 2020, The Politehnica University of Timisoara, through the e-Learning Centre, was, along with the other partners virtually together, in Dublin, on the first day of the project meeting: Digital Culture – Improving the Digital Competences and Social Inclusion of Adults in Creative Industries.

The 25 participants, representing all the partner institutions, presented their progress on the project and recent developments.

Interesting topics were addressed within the meeting, such as ways to adapt the project in the context of the current pandemic and best practices for developing our learning platform.

The second virtual meeting in Dublin took place on 26th May, in the context of the project’s development – which addresses a gap in creative and cultural industries education.

The participants discussed intensely and actively the modalities, proposals and opportunities in the present and future evolution of the project and the online courses’ launch.

Digital Culture project plan: the use of new digital technologies, during the current pandemic situation and in the future, in order to improve relevant digital competencies of adults.

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