EDEN NAP Internetinis seminaras: „Internetinių kursų, skirtų kūrybinių industrijų skaitmeninių įgūdžių ir kompetencijų gerinimui, kūrimas – DigiCulture“

The DigiCulture Erasmus+ project creates the Digital Skills for Creative Industries online courses available in the UniCampus Virtualiame Mokymosi centre, skirtus žemos kvalifikacijos ir rizikos grupės suaugusiesiems, taip pat kuria „Digital Skills“ e. vertinimo įrankį ir atviruosius skaitmeninių įgūdžių ženklelius. Kartu jie suteiks svarbių naujų galimybių žemos kvalifikacijos suaugusiems asmenims gauti žinių, įgyti naujų skaitmeninių įgūdžių ir tarpkultūrinių gebėjimų bei pagerinti jų galimybes susirasti darbą ar geriau dirbti dabartiniame darbe.

A discussion on Twitter followed the webinar – #EDENChat – a series of discussions on Twitter, initiated by the Steering Committee of EDEN – NAP – Network of academics and professionals. These are mediated by members of the NAP community and last about an hour. Anyone can join and contribute to the discussions, presented after a format of questions – answers format, and focuses on current issues in the distance, open and e-learning.

The project addresses a gap in the education of creative and cultural industries (IC), which emphasizes the use of new digital technologies in the context in which  ​​entrepreneurs (project management) and recent graduates and employees do not have essential skills. The presenters introduced the 13 short online courses, which are soon ready to launch and outlined how they can be used both in the current pandemic situation and in the future to improve the relevant digital skills of adults.

The presentation was a dynamic one, the presenters actively answering the questions received from the 130 participants.

The DigiCulture – ‘Improving the Digital Competences and Social Inclusion of Adults in Creative Industries’ Erasmus + project partners are from universities, adult training and cultural sector from Romania, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Lithuania, UK and Ireland.

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