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Internetas, žiniatinklis ir įvadas į skaitmeninį pasaulį

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7 weeks



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1 July 2020

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This course plans to give participants general knowledge about World Wide Web, Internet, the web 2.0 technologies and how to use different technologies to build a website.


On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand digital technologies, the World Wide Web and the Internet
  2. Apply and use web search
  3. Identify digital presence and explain how this can be applied in creative industries
  4. Describe simple concepts used to create an online business
  5. Demonstrate a working understanding on how to implement a website


  1. Introduction to the digital technology, digital formats and terminology
  2. WWW Introduction & Web 2.0.
  3. Internet History and Services
  4. Searching the Web
  5. Mobile Web
  6. Free, freemium and premium
  7. Future of the Web and Internet
  8. How to build a website


This course is for anyone who is looking to develop skills in understanding the World Wide Web and the Internet. There is no prior knowledge or qualification requirements, but access to Internet and a computer/laptop/mobile device is required.


Digital competencies based on DigComp 2.1: 1. Information and data literacy, 2. Communication and collaboration, 4. Safety


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