Over 500 participants at the IAFeS International Conference NETTIES & DigiCulture Erasmus+ Closing Workshop

The Politehnica University of Timișoara, through the e-Learning Centre and the Multimedia Centre together with the IAFeS International Association and the Triade Foundation organized, between July 22-23, 2021, the IAFeS International Conference NETTIES & DigiCulture Erasmus+ Closing Workshop. The event gathered over 500 participants both physically, in the Auditorium of the UPT Conference Center, and virtually, through Zoom and Facebook.

The opening of the conference was preceded by the Virtual workshop – DigiCulture Project and Courses, organized by the DigiCulture Erasmus+ team on Thursday, July 22, where over 300 participants discovered both on Zoom and live, on Facebook, the 13 DigiCulture courses, and the open badges awarded upon completion, presented by the international project partners. The workshop took place in Romanian and the participants received Together Online open badges, expressing their enthusiasm to enroll in DigiCulture Erasmus + courses.

The official opening of the IAFeS International Conference NETTIES & DigiCulture Erasmus+ Closing Workshop, took place on Thursday, July 22, 2021 at the Triade Foundation, in the presence of over 50 participants, who discovered the exhibition with the theme ”Light clarity avocado salad in the morning”, exhibiting 20 young artists, mostly students.

On the same occasion, the team of the Multimedia Centre celebrated 25 years of the Multimedia Research Centre within the Politehnica University of Timișoara. The Multimedia Research Center carries out educational, research and innovation activities in the context of information and communication technologies, being focused in the recent years on Interactive Multimedia Techniques and Technologies, Smart Cities, Open Data, Augmented Reality, Entrepreneurship in ICT, ICT and Multimedia Promotion, Advanced Educational Technologies , OER, MOOCs. The Multimedia Centre carries out activities to support entrepreneurship in ICT, to promote digital culture and organizes the IDMSC International Digital Media Student Contest annually. The Multimedia Centre supports the educational specializations at bachelor’s level but also the Master in Multimedia Technologies and at the Master in Technologies, systems and applications for eActivities (e-media, e-business, e-health, e-government).

The IIAFeS International Conference NETTIES & DigiCulture Erasmus+ Closing Workshop took place on Friday, July 23, both in the Auditorium and online, on the Zoom platform and live on Facebook, gathering over 200 participants – physical and virtual. The hosts of the event were Dr. Eng. Diana Andone, Politehnica University of Timișoara- director of the UPT e-Learning Center, Prof. Dr. Eng. Radu Vasiu – President of IAFeS, President of the UPT Senate and Chair of the Conference, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Florin Drăgan – rector of the UPT, Prof. Johann Gunther – Secretary General IAFeS and Dr. Sorina Jecza – President of the Triade Interart Foundation.

Dozens of papers were presented within the conference, on the topic of Digital Culture in Education, Science and Technology by IAFeS and DigiCulture partners, from countries such as Romania, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Greece and Germany. Participants received, for the first time in the history of NETTIES, open participant badges. The event was a real success, with dozens of messages of congratulations and thanks received from the participants.

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