Walter Scholger

Walter Scholger studied History and Applied Cultural Sciences in Graz (Austria) and Maynooth (Ireland). He has been the Deputy Director of the Center for Information Modeling – Austrian Centre for Digital Humanites at the University of Graz (Austria) since 2008, where he is primarily dealing with administrative issues, project management and the coordination of the Centre’s teaching activities. His research focus is on legal issues (copyright, privacy, licensing) in the context of research, education and the digitization of Cultural Heritage, and Open Science and Digital Publication in general. He is involved in several international projects focusing on legal aspects of academia and digitization, and a member and co-lead of working groups of DH umbrella organizations (ADHO Digital Pedagogy SIG) dedicated to DH curricula development and issues of digital publication (DHd). A veteran contributor to DARIAH-EU, he has been active in several Working Groups, served as Co-Lead of the “Training and Education” Working Group from 2013 to 2017 and the Working Group on “Ethics and Legality in Digital Arts and Humanities” since 2017.