Danguole Rutkauskiene

Danguole Rutkauskiene is an Associate Professor at the Department of Multimedia Engineering (Faculty of Informatics) at Kaunas University of Technology and expert of Education at Baltic Education Technology Institute (BETI). She was a founder member of the National Association of Distance Education in Lithuania and currently is its President. Danguole Rutkauskiene is a member of the Management Committee of EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities), member of INFOBALT and other associations. She has been involved as a coordinator and partner in numerous national and international projects, participated and organized national seminars and conferences as well as international events. She is the author of 29 books, articles and 174 monographs on the theme of e-learning. She has a particular interest in e-learning methodology, management and the use of advance learning technologies in universities and educational institutions. Recently, she has a big interest in MOOCs and actively participates in the researches of MOOCs in national and international levels. In addition, she has initiated and participated in the preparation and provision stages of three MOOCs.