Timisoara 2021 Association- European Capital of Culture

Timisoara European Capital of Culture association is a non-state, non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical and independent organization with a cultural and educational character. It aims to ensure the development of the programme Timisoara 2021 European Capital of Cultural. Timisoara European Capital of Culture Association assumes the mission to contribute actively to the creation, support and promotion of a dynamic, diverse and inclusive space based on the multicultural, educational, historical and civic values of the community, which valorize the identity, diversity, creativity and cultural avant-garde of Timisoara as engines for sustainable community development.The values of the Association are: community participation and engagement, openness to multiple cultures and sectors of activity, valorisation of the multicultural potential of the city and geographical position, tradition, innovation and European dimension of Timisoara, transparency, inclusiveness, non-discrimination and equal opportunities.